Free Food Calorie Calculator : How Many Calories In Coffee With Cream And Sugar.

Free Food Calorie Calculator

free food calorie calculator

    food calorie
  • Food energy is the amount of energy obtained from food that is available through cellular respiration.

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If Jack Bauer's eating Calorie mate . . .

If Jack Bauer's eating Calorie mate . . .

. . . maybe you should be too.

When you're fighting terrorists and the-man for 24 hours (or longer) you need a meal you can eat while shooting 15 rounds of flying death into the latest in a series of foreign diplomats. There's only one food stuff that fits all these requirements - and that's calorie mate!

Food: Calories Matter

Food: Calories Matter

I carefully chose the food bags that had the most calories. 400+ is the most I found, like this Santa Fe Chicken. The highest cal meal from "Backpacker's Pantry" is the Pad Thai (460 cal).

If anyone can recommend a better food package let us all know please.

free food calorie calculator

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